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Berliner Poststempel
2019, Supervising: Giliane Cachin

“In some collections, the owner is the only original.” – Claude Villiers

Special postmarks are all officially recognized postmarks for the obliteration of stamps that are only used on a particular occasion. Such postmarks may be used for one day only, for the duration of a particular event, or for a longer period of time. It may even be the case that several postmarks are used on different days of the same event. For collectors, the leading post office usually keeps some additional postage stamps of the special postmark for a few more days.

The publication shows a collection of postmarks of my grand-father, that were classified and structured into graphical categories. The grid of the publication is based on the original size of a postmark and is printed with a RISO A2 on a thin paper. The folded cover is an overview of all collected postmarks structured in the created classification system.